Jeneve’s Story

Joining the Spiritual Enrichment Center or the SEC has been such a cool culmination for me in my spiritual journey. I was born a “PK” and that’s a preacher’s kid; so spirituality has always been a part of my life. But when I went to college and as a young adult in New York City, I discovered and explored a lot of different paths due to my spiritual seeking and also my intellectual curiosity.

I checked out the Quakers. I checked out Unitarians, Tibetan Buddhism, Insight Meditation Centers until I found a progressive Protestant Church in the East Village, which really fulfilled a lot of my spiritual needs at the time. It really practiced Christ’s love in action. So when I moved to Dothan to become a sociology professor at Troy University, I was wondering where I would find a spiritual home that would marry all my spiritual seeking as well as my intellectual curiosity.

And the first Sunday that I actually came to the SEC, I remember that the minister was talking about the Tibetan monks and that they had just been there visiting at the SEC. And they created a sand mandala and I was like “What?! This is happening in Dothan, Alabama.! Who knew? I thought it was so cool!”  And then I was intrigued by learning more about the teachings – the new thought teachings that combined Unity, Unity Church, as well as Centers for Spiritual Living.

And I like to tell people – it’s a kind of applied spirituality. You learn how to do meditation; you learn about how to do affirmative prayer – which is very effective and very powerful. You also learn other spiritual techniques; they have a lot of classes that they offer.

And I just feel that when I practice these, I’m a more peaceful person and I also feel like I’m a more positive force in the world.

I’m so grateful to have found SEC and I would love to see you there.