Melissa’s Story

Prior to joining the Spiritual Enrichment Center community, I had never been a member of a church before. And I didn’t really understand why people gathered in community.

But it didn’t take me very long attending on Sunday to understand and appreciate why, and want to be a part of that community. The folks at the Spiritual Enrichment Center are some of the most open-minded, diverse, and helpful and resourceful group of people that I think I’ve ever met.

And the relationships that I’ve gained there are still some of my most valued friendships and my most trusted mentors.

The things that I learned because I was a member of the Spiritual Enrichment Center has changed my life professionally and personally.

And at times when I really needed the Spiritual Enrichment Center they showed up as my family as my community.

As, you know, people that loved me for really and truly who I am. And allowed me to love them back completely. And to be in service the ways I can be in service. I just feel like who I am now is because I was a member of the Spiritual Enrichment Center for so long and can continue to serve even from a distance now that we are more online.

I trust the things that I have learned there to continue to carry me through and to continue to grow in my spiritual process because of those relationships and because of those reminders. To be reminded of my magnificence — and everybody else’s as well — as I share in that community.

I’m so completely grateful to have been a member, and to be, a member of the Spiritual Enrichment Center and I hope you join us too.