Our Vision

We Are Serious About The Vision.

We Ask People to:

Believe in the goodness of God and trust that life is on their side, in every instance. Focus on God in each situation and be guided by their inner wisdom. Step out of their comfort zone to be all that they can be.

This is a life-changing process. It is imperative that we create a safe, accepting atmosphere in which this new way of living can be explored. We make it easy for people to be in their own skin as they embrace their perfection. This is the job of the SEC Leadership.

Priorities for Leadership:

The SEC leaders take responsibility for the vision and the congregation by being in leadership. Those in leadership uphold the vision by maintaining a level of excellence that respects and hones every person who walks through our doors. It is not a commitment to be taken lightly.

We support each other completely, always assuming the best of each other. If disagreements arise, they are dealt with respectfully.

Everything about the SEC is welcoming and accepting. People feel free to be exactly who they are. Our congregation seeks us out when they are celebrating and when they are in despair, when they are well, and when they are ill. We do not suggest in any way that they caused the unhappiness they may be feeling.

People are comfortable in our presence. They sense our non-judgmental attitude. We do not try to change them or fix them. We create a sacred environment where they can investigate their own spiritual path. We will not tell them what their path should look like.

Volunteers become emissaries of the vision. We will continually offer new opportunities for growth, from helping in the bookstore to hosting an event. People participate because it is a part of their next step, not because we need someone to do it. No one area of service is more important than the others; what is important is that volunteers are happy and fulfilled by their roles. We, as the leadership team, set them up to succeed.

If we have an area of service that no one wants to do we release it for now, thereby modeling the ability to let go. We become the role models of trusting the process to living happy, purpose-filled lives.

If anyone has a concern to be addressed, (we) remember that it comes from supporting the vision and our congregation. We do not take it personally. We appreciate your positive attitude, willingness to listen and always your feedback is appreciated. We are each responsible for maintaining open communication and a standard of excellence.