What is a Religious Science Practitioner?

A Religious Science Practitioner is a professional person who is trained to assist you in improving your spiritual life experiences and conditions.

How Do They Do This?

A Religious Science Practitioner uses the principles of New Thought to show you how to apply them to your life. The Practitioner also uses a very powerful form of affirmative prayer.

What Is the Training of a Religious Science Practitioner?

A Religious Science Practitioner has completed a minimum of four years of training, has passed a national written examination, and has successfully passed an oral panel before receiving a license.

How Can I Access a Practitioner?

    1. After each Sunday service, a Practitioner is available to pray with you. These prayer sessions are limited to 3 minutes with the individual, briefly telling your need and the Practitioner doing a prayer with you. There isn’t sufficient time for extended consultation on Sunday morning, so you may want to make an appointment for personal spiritual counseling.
    2. An appointment can be made by calling a Practitioner. These professionals are in private practice and are paid for their time when they schedule private sessions. Feel free to call and ask them for their fee.
    3. Written prayer requests may be filled out and left in the Prayer Chest. A Practitioner will pray for the request for one week.
    4. Prayers may be submitted by email to or to World Ministry of Prayer at this site:

      1. Call Silent Unity at 1-800-669-7729

Prayer requests and Practitioner consultations are held in strict confidence.

Licensed Practitioners:

Desmond Clark
Renée Clark
Rev. Emeritus Glenda Davis
Donna Long
Rev. Emeritus Audri Scott Williams

A Spiritual Mind Treatment is Affirmative Prayer

Build A Prayer

Why Do Practitioners Charge for Private Sessions?

Practitioners are professionals who have been extensively trained and licensed to do this work and who continue to do ongoing training. It is appropriate to honor the time of these professionals. It is also important for the client to participate in the Law of Circulation in order to enhance the client’s own prosperity. There is no charge for prayers after the Sunday service.

I Find It Hard to Talk about My Troubles

Practitioners are trained to deal with a wide variety of conditions, so you need not feel concerned about sharing your personal issues. The Practitioner will see good in you and for you, even when you cannot. All information is absolutely confidential.

Why Should I See a Practitioner for an Hour Consultation?

For concerns that are of a more temporary nature, or for a boost in your life process, a brief prayer with a Practitioner may be enough. However, where there is an ongoing pattern in your life that is not working, or where you desire to make a shift in a new direction, it is beneficial to have one or more consultations with a Practitioner.

Should I See a Practitioner if I Am Not in Crisis?

YES! Although Practitioners are helpful in a time of crisis, they are also helpful in assisting you to experience more, no matter how good life is at the moment.

How Does Practitioner Work Differ from Therapy?

This work is about spiritual support. Dialogue and discussion are about clarity and spiritual principles to empower you in the here and now. You will always receive Affirmative Prayer during your session.

I Have Taken Many Classes; Can I Do the Work Myself?

YES! You benefit from your own spiritual work and will be encouraged to continue to do so. However, it is also helpful to turn a difficulty over to a Practitioner who is not caught up in the emotion of the situation. A new perspective can have great benefits.

Life is always ready to create more and more good in your experience using the principles as taught in Science of Mind and Spirit, and a Practitioner is ready to help you apply these principles.