SEC History

Ken Johnson

The Spiritual Enrichment Center started when the Unity group and Religious Science Dothan came together in the late 1990’s. They first met at 2323 W. Main Street – Unity on Sundays and Religious Science Dothan on a weeknight, first Thursdays and later Wednesdays.

Glenda Davis
 – Minister Emeritus

When Rev. Glenda Davis graduated from Holmes Institute in 2003, she became the first Minister of the Spiritual Enrichment Center, which had relocated to their own building at 942 S. Oates Street. The building was renovated by members Don Pegg, Marvin Davis and Steve Uzun. The congregation first met in the renovated back building from 2003 – 2005 while the main building was being completed. Shortly afterward the mortgage was paid in full and the building has been owned free and clear since then by both groups, Unity and Religious Science Dothan (which has since been renamed Centers for Spiritual Living or CSL).

Rev. Glenda served as Spiritual Director from 2003 until her retirement on July 1, 2018. During that time she conducted Sunday services, led Wednesday night classes, conducted weddings, memorial services, christenings, taught certified classes and trained 8 licensed practitioners. Additionally she led the Spiritual Enrichment Center in service projects and social activities.

Upon her retirement, the position of Spiritual Director was assumed by Audri Scott Williams. Rev. Glenda passes the light of Leadership to Audri below.

Thank you Rev. Glenda Davis for the unwavering love and support you provided to our spiritual community for 22 1/2 years, first as our Spiritual Leader and then as our Minister. You will always be in our hearts!